Crystal Canyon Vol. 1

I thought I should start off with something that says a little about myself, so I made a compilation with some of my favourite tracks. This is Crystal Canyon Volume One.

1. Fleetwood Mac - Crystal
2. Stephen Stills/Manassas - So Begins the Task
3. Eagles - Take it Easy
4. the International Tussler Society - Alberquerque

5. Rolling Stones - Winter
6. Christian Kjellvander - Waiting Around to Die
7. Buffalo Springfield - Kind Woman
8. Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
9. Little Feat - Truck-Stop Girl
10. Iain Matthews - Met Her On A Plane

11. James Taylor - You Can Close Your Eyes

The first track is an amazing song from the selftitled Fleetwood Mac album from 1975. The first the Fleetwood did with Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. This amazing song is a remake of the same song first issued on their first duo album Buckingham Nicks from 1973.

We carry on with a little gem from the first Manassas album. An album who over four sides took on the history of american music. This song is classic west-coast pop, let your head be filled with those silk harmonies.

Next up we have one of the greatest country-rock songs ever written. It was the breakthrough hit for the Eagles. Written by Jackson Browne with a little help from Eagle Glenn Frey. Nothing feels more like summer than cranking up that song real high on the stereo and just wailing out the lyrics, man, it's great to be alive.

Our journey continues with an amazing cover by the International Tussler Society. Charlie Bob aka Bent Sæther says in the liner notes that it's the greatest thing the Tusslers ever put to tape. I have to agree on that, and that really says something 'cause the Tusslers probably is the best C&W&R&R revue around.

Then it's time to let some damn fine Englishmen come and sing us a little tune about life in California. The song is from Goat Heads Soup, the same album also has the song "Angie", but in my opinion "Winter" kicks Angie's ass every time. Great album tho'.

Another cover coming your way. The swede Christian Kjellvander has some big shoes to fill when he takes on Townes' "Waiting Around to Die". I would say that the shoe fits, this cover has the same emotional nerve as the original. Search out Kjellvander's first album Songs From a Chapel on vinyl and this song will be yours on a free 7" that comes with the album.

"Kind Woman" has always been one of my favourite Springfield tunes. You could say that it's the first Poco song, and technicaly you would be right. From the last Springfield album that Richie Furay and Jim Messina finished after Stills and Young had vanished off to greener pastures.

Our second group of englishmen comes here with a song from their third album. Americana of the finest kind and perhaps my absolute favourite Zeppelin song if push comes to show. Cameron Crowe used in Almost Famous and that was really the eye-opener for me.

Another gem comes your way. This time from Little Feat's debut album. A sadly overseen album in their catalogue. Shows of their L.A. and southern inheritance in a great way. This is the best track alongside the classic "Willin'".

Iain Matthews left his friends in British folkrock combo Fairport Convention to make more american music. A great choice. After a couple of albums with country-rock group Matthews Southern Comfort and a solo album came the great album Journeys From Gospel Oak. Sadly overlooked at the time but now regarded as a classic. Goosebumps all the way.

Sweet Baby James is going to finish it of and sing you to sleep. One of the saddest and at the same time most uplifting songs that I know.

Till next time. Peace.