Last years best albums countdown

# 6. Josh Rouse - Country Mouse City House (Bedroom Classics)

First of all I just have to admit that I never really got all the fuzz about Josh Rouse. Yeah, I liked 1972 and I liked Nashville, but I never thought they were all that. Then came Subtítulo which I found boring as hell upon it's release. So needless to say I wasn't especting all that and a bag of chips from this album. The funny thing is that because of all this it caught me off guard and I just simply loved it. I listened to it constantly. Almost to the point of frustration for some of my coworkers, but hey, they didn't say anything.

Country Mouse City House starts with the simply irresistable "Sweetie" which he wrote with his spanish girlfriend Paz Suay. That song simply makes me feel like everything is perfect and your out with your girlfriend having fun on a warm summer evening. Well, in fact, the whole album makes me feel like that. I get that good warm feeling of being in love. In love with a girl, in love with the music, yeah even in love with the world. "Sweetie" makes you feel all that, and still it isn't a cheesy song. Hats off to Josh Rouse. All of the songs on the album have that warm summer feeling, maybe it's because it's recorded in Valencia, Spain or maybe it's just because it seems like Josh Rouse is a really happy guy nowadays. I think he has written one of last years best songs with the funky "Hollywood Bass Player", a tongue-in-cheek song which is the best get out of bed and let's have fun song in a long long while. Another favourite of mine is "Domesticated Lovers".

All in all Josh Rouse has made a classic early seventies playful singer/songwriter album. Only nine songs and a total time of about 30 minutes is for me the perfect length of a record. It's long enough to have some substance and it's short enough to make you want to hear it over and over again. And that's what I've been doing, listening to it over and over again. It also got me to revisit his whole back-catalogue. Just forget what I said at the top of this thing. Everything he has released is great, Country Mouse City House just may be a little bit better.