Last years best albums countdown

# 2. Kristofer Åström - Rainawaytown (Startracks)

Kristofer Åström has been one of my favourite artists for a long time now and every new release is of course met with huge enthusiasm. Last time around I must admit I got a little dissapointed. This time all of that is forgotten and forgiven. Rainaway Town is simply a country-rock landmark. It's absolutely brilliant. Åström has found the perfect mixture of uptempo and mellow songs. Earlier albums have focused more on one tempo throughout the whole album rather than mixing it up. If I had a gun to my head and were forced to rate his albums this one would be among the top three. So, if you like this one - check out his backcatalogue too.

One of the most important things for me about Kristofer Åström's music has always been his lyrics. He writes about bad break-ups and broken hearts in the same way as the greatest country songwriters. He has once stated that he believes that Waylon Jennings' song "Sandy Sends Her Best" is the saddest song ever written. I don't know if he's just inspired by songs like this or his life really is as sad as you would imagine from some of his lyrics but I hope and think he just likes this way of writing. Though, it all seems pretty real when you hear his vocal delivery. " a useless drunken fight, escalating into the night. Can't remember what about. I just remember screaming and shouting. I don't think I will manage to get out of this dark.."

But it's not all dark and hopeless. "..and now it's three years and counting, I never knew it could last that long. And when my eyes saw you this morning, my eyes will never prove me wrong.. ..I've fallen for you". So there you go, even sad boys can get happy and fall in love. And hopefully not get hurt and thrown into the same spiral.

My absolute favourite out of all the great songs on this album is a Neil Young and Crazy Horse-ish rocker called "Blacked Out" who ends up in a fantastic guitar frenzy. God I would love to see this guy live in concert.