Album of the day, or maybe yesterday..

The Beatles - The Beatles (Apple, 1968)

The White Album as it is known by most people has always been one of my favourite albums by the fab four. But it wasn't until I put it on tonight, for the first time in ages I realised just how great it is. Yes, it got an awful lot of tunes. Yes, some of them wouldn't have been put on records by regular people in regular bands. But still, I couldn't imagine the album without all it's bits and bops. As a whole it's a thrilling listen from "Back in the USSR" to "Goodnight" at the other end. Even Ringo's songs are worth a listen. The only track I often skip is the Lennon made soundcollage that is "Revolution 9" though it wouldn't have been the White Album without it. It was 1968 and a different world after all.

The strangest thing about listening to this now is trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it is 40 years since this record was released. Try to imagine a world without these songs. What it must have been like to hear these songs when they were brand new. I think alot about things like that. If I had been the same age I am now in 1968 when it was released, would I have liked it? Would I have been a Beatle-fanatic. I ain't today, but would I have been then? It's hard to say.


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