Let me be the one that shines with you..

live at Oslo Spektrum, January 27th 2009

Just came in the door after a great concert. It was my first Oasis gig and the guys delivered the goods. By no means the best show I've ever been to, but they did what they were there to do and they did it in style. The lightshow was close to fantastic. A real psychedelic treat with videos made special to fit the different songs. Liams voice was a bit rusty but he realy shone on "I'm Outta Time" from the Dig Out Your Soul album. Noel were equally great on "The Masterplan". Still both me and my girlfriend settled on "Slide Away" and "Supersonic" as our favourites of the night.

Here's what they played:

Fuckin' in the Bushes
Rock and Roll Star
The Shock of the Lightning
Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Meaning of Soul
To Be Where There's Life
Waiting for the Rapture
The Masterplan
Slide Away
Morning Glory
Ain't Got Nothin'
The Importance of Being Idle
I'm Outta Time
Wonderwall (with false start)
Don't Look Back in Anger
Falling Down
Champagne Supernova
I Am the Walrus

I even made a Spotify-playlist of the setlist, just push here if you got Spotify.