Top ten Bruce Springsteen songs

5. Atlantic City
Taken from the album "Nebraska" (Columbia, 1982)

How do you follow up a megaselling album like 1980's The River. Certainly not by releasing an album of homemade demos with just you and your guitar. Well, that was exactly what Bruce Springsteen did. The plan was as far as I know to use this songs as just demos for an album with the fullblown E-Street Band, but both Bruce and the recordcompany thought the demos were worth releasing as they were. Thank God for that. That decission made for one of my absolute favourite Springsteen records, if not my very favourite. Nothing is out of place on Nebraska. The songs are great, the lyrics are more than great and the coverpicture and albumart fits the songs perfectly.

And you even get sort of a hit, yes this song "Atlantic City" was a sort of a hit. It still gets played at almost every Springsteen concert. So, what is this song to me. For me the whole of this song boils down to one very line. The line that may be one of the best lines ever written in popular music history. A line that is a whole novel of it's own.

"Well I guess everything dies baby that's a fact
But maybe everything that dies someday comes back.."

The rest of the lyrics are also great, but not as universal as that line, or two lines if you will.

Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City

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