New favourites

Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
(CBS, 1971)

After seeing the Peter Green documentary Man of the World I really got hooked on early Fleetwood Mac, the period before the Buckingham/Nicks-era. The period I'm talking about is the period when the band probably were most commonly known as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. This Fleetwood Mac, the original if you will, were a blues band. I have to admit that I've never exactly been a blues-fan myself, but as I get older things happen. And I've always loved bands like the Allman Brothers Band and Derek and the Dominoes, both blues-based jambands. It's in this vein the early Fleetwood Mac operates, and much to my surprise - I love it, absolutlely love it. So I have been searching for a compilation were I could get all my Peter Green favourites, because a couple of them isn't on any album, so needless to say I was very happy when I found this old Greatest Hits on vinyl in a used-vinyl store in Oslo. The record is in great shape and the cover is near mint. So now I can listen to "Man of the World", "The Green Manalishi" and "Oh Well" just about whenever I want to.