Top 5 songs by the New Pornographers

# 3. Slow Decent into Alcoholism
from the album "Mass Romantic" (Matador, 2000)

Man, this is a really catchy song. I had kind of forgotten all about it until a night out recently. Some friends of mine were dj-ing at this club and me and some other friends decided that we were going to have a little drinking game. Not really a drinking game, the only thing we did were sign "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to the dj's for their choice of song. Thumbs up meant that the song they were playing made us want to drink more alcohol - thumbs down the opposite.

Needless to say, this song got a big thumbs up - and that was the start of the decent. We can put it this way, the more you drink - the more thumbs up you will give. You got yourself an downward spiral there. At least that's what you think the day after. Just ask my friend who were going on the morning train after a couple of hours of sleep.

A great night out and the perfect song for it.

", my slow decent..
into alcoholism it went..."