Song of the day

The Left Banke - Walk Away Renèe
from the album Walk Away Renèe/Pretty Ballerina (Smash, 1967)

A perfect popsong to end the weekend. I got this album from the Left Banke a couple of months ago after getting a tip from a friend that I probably would like it. Well, I love it. It's one of the very best "baroque-pop"-albums I've ever heard. In my ears this ranks higher than Odessey & Oracle by the Zombies and Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles. Every tune on the album is a little gem. "Walk Away Renèe" is just the icing on the cake.

Highly recomended.

Listen below, sorry about the poor soundquality.


Gunnhild said…
du har jo begynt å skrive igjen jo! Du hadde havna på B-lista mi av bloggar pga lav aktivitet :p
Men jippi, no har eg verkeleg tid til å musikknerde!
- sjølvsagt og desverre var det ingen Left Banke på spotify...
antonilópez said…
Excelente blog. Un gran álbum, Pretty Ballerina. un saludo
Stian said…
Thanks for that Antoni. And you are quite right, excellent album it is.