A vial of hope and a vial of pain..

Arcade Fire - Miroir Noir: The Neon Bible Archives
(Merge, 2009)

Just saw this fantastic movie directed by Vincent Moon, the man behind the great videoblog La Blogotheque. This movie follows the Arcade Fire as they record and tour their second album, Neon Bible, in 2006 - 2007. Typically for Vincent Moon the movie is shot in grainy black and white and faded colours. For this movie I thought that technique really worked great. On some of his other work though I have found his style a bit too artsy and not that fitting. Anyhow, this movie comes much recommended either you are a fan or not. If you're not, you're probably going to be one at the end of the end credits. Yes, I really think they are THAT good. In fact I had almost forgotten how much I really love this band. I've seen them live two times and the first time at the Hove Festival in 2007 was one of the closest things to a religous moments I have ever had at a rock concert.

A clip from the movie available at La Blogotheque where the band are performing the songs "Neon Bible" and "Wake Up" inside an elevator after a show at the Olympia in Paris, France.


tone almhjell said…
They really are fantastic. Still sad about the concert they cancelled in Oslo.