New discovery

Anthony D'Amato - Shades of the Prison House
(Self-released, 2009)

Young mr. D'Amato is a talented singer/songwriter from New Jersey who has just released his second album called Shades of the Prison House. His great songs remind me of other young male songwriters like Patrick Park and Pete Yorn. D'Amato has been touring with the likes of Jesse Malin and Marah. The latest I heard Anthony could be found covering Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl" with Nina Persson at the Everybody Knows This is Nowhere benefit in New York.

The album is packed full with acoustic guitars, fiddles and good melodies. A little country twang and a lot of good lyrics. The overall feel is one that fits perfectly now that autumn is upon us. Picture yourself walking down a crowded New York street with the streetlights lighting up the wet pavement. A totally impressive album that I've been listening to a lot lately. Especially the songs "NYC Song", "Skeleton Key" and "Hank Williams Tune" has really gotten under my skin. Anthony D'Amato could very well be the next big singer/songwriter to come out of the New Jersey shorelines. So if you live in New York be sure to check him out the next time you see his name up on the marquee. For the rest of us the album is out now.

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