Doing the E-Street shuffle..?

Well, not exactly. This is going to be a new recurring post on Heartworn Highways. The plan is that every once in a while, once a week or something, I will set my iPod on shuffle and write down the first five songs and publish them here. No hocus pocus there. Just letting you know what's going in to my ears from time to time.

Entry #5
Sunday, October 4th, 2009

1. Warren Zevon - Genius
from the album Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon (Rhino, 2002)

2. Jimmy Eat World - Gotta Be Somebody's Blues
from the album Chase This Light (Interscope, 2007)

3. Joy Division - Komakino
from the boxset Heart and Soul (London, 1998)

4. The Gaslight Anthem - Here's Looking At You, Kid
from the album The '59 Sound (Side One Dummy, 2008)

5. George Jones - The Battle
from the album The Battle (Epic, 1976)