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Monsters of Folk - Live at The Troxy, London, November 17th 2009

Back from a great week in London. Lots of shopping and just walking aimlessly around and some sightseeing as well. The highlight probably was the Monsters of Folk gig at The Troxy. I was pretty psyched before this gig and still it lived up to my expectations. The lovely gentlemen, Mike Mogis, Conor Oberst, Jim James and M. Ward got to the stage and started off with "Say Please", the single from their selftitled album. From there on they didn't leave the stage before some two and a half hour later when they closed their set with "His Masters Voice".

Two and a half hour is an awful long time to entertain a sold out theatre when you as a group only has released one album which clocks in at about 45 minutes. That said, this group really did it. The touch of genius this night was the way that they filled up the set with solo sections where they sometimes backed each other and at other times did their own songs solo. So for me, a huge Bright Eyes fan, I sort of got my very own Bright Eyes concert within the Monsters of Folk concert. The highlights for me this evening was "We Are Nowhere And It's Now", "What A Wonderful Man", "Bermuda Highway", "Map of the World" and the fantastic closer with "Losin' Yo Head", "At the Bottom of Everything", "Whole Lotta Losin'" and "Another Travellin' Song". The two latter rocking so hard and showing of such a joy in the playing that I just sat there grinning. Another highlight worth mentioning was when the band let their "hired" drummer, Will Johnson, have the spotlight for a great solo rendition of his instant goosebump song "Just to Know What You've Been Dreaming".

A great evening. Thank you very very much to Conor, Jim, Mike and M.

Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere And It's Now

My Morning Jacket - What a Wonderful Man

Will Johnson - Just to Know What You've Been Dreaming

Monsters of Folk - Whole Lotta Losin'