2009: The round up.

#19. Ben Kweller - Changing Horses
(Shock, 2009)

I had never really listened to Ben Kweller until this album came along early this year. This is Kweller's first real foray into the world of country music. Kweller, being a southerner always had a bit of twang in his music but here he tackles the genre head on. What you get are great songs and good storytelling. Kweller is with this album moving from being a great power-pop songwriter to becoming somewhat a heir to Ryan Adams' "americana/alt.country" crown. Coming from me that is a compliment.

Thanks to this album Ben Kweller suddenly became one of my favourite artists. Favourite tunes on the album are for me "Fights", "Things I Like To Do", "Sawdust Man" and "Homeward Bound".