2009: The round up.

#16. J. Tillman - Vascilando Territory Blues
(Bella Union, 2009)

J. Tillman was a productive fellow in 2009. This his first of two records this year was released in early January and thus became my first favourite album of 2009. A sparse, dark but still kinda uplifting folk album which seems perfect for the dark Norwegian winters. Tillman was a name I first picked up on after he became the drummer for Fleet Foxes. Before that he somehow had passed under my radar, but fear not he is and will remain on my radar from now on.

This album, mostly solo acoustic with a few exeptions where he gets a band going and rocking out in a Crazy Horse kind of way. The Crazy Horse comparison may come from the overall Neil Young feeling I get from Tillman. He somehow evokes some of the same feelings in me that good ol' Neil does.

Tillman's other release this year, Year in the Kingdom, gives us more of the same, but still that album didn't hit me in the same way. So for me this one was the best of his releases this year.