2009: The Round Up

#2. The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You
(American Recordings, 2009)

The Avett Brothers were a band I kind of discovered with their last release, Emotionalism, but it wasn't really until this album I really fell for them. Emotionalism had it's moments but as a album I thought that it really wasn't strong enough. All that changed with the first listen of I and Love and You. Man, I don't think I've had that strong a feeling the first time I've listened to an album since maybe the first time I heard Band of Horses' second album Cease to Begin. The thing that is a bit scary about liking an album that much after just one listen is that these albums probably not have the same stamina as a album that grows on you after some listens. But, that said, I still listen a lot to the Band of Horses album. And yeah, this one too.

The title song and album opener is so stunningly beautiful that it sometimes can be hard to get past that song and get to the others on the album. Both the melody and the lyrics takes a hold on me here. And that the lyric references The Band, "..you don't know the shape I'm in.." makes it even better.

When you get past the first song you will discover that the album is full of gem's like this. "January Wedding", "And it Spread" and "Ill With Want" all have the same effect on me. I get this feeling that I best can explain as a sense of longing, but at the same time it is both soothing and comforting.

The album also has some uptempo numbers that are equally great as the ballads. "Slight Figure of Speech" and "Kick-Drum Heart" being the very best. The latter is a fantastic song which should have been a huge hit everywhere. But maybe it's for the best that they don't get that hit. The Avett Brothers is a band that works better in small clubs than on big arena's anyway.

Both the ballads and the uptempo songs benefits from the fact that both of the Avett Brothers sings and they get this harmonies that only brothers could get.

I and Love and You is a great acoustic folk/country album which continues to blow my mind with it's good melodies and interesting song structures. And it gave me another favourite band.