2009: The Round Up

#8. Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer
(Jagjaguwar, 2009)

Spencer Krug may very well be sneaking his way up to the top of my favourite songwriters. In 2008's round up the second album of Krug's main band Wolf Parade snatched a fourth place and this year his other band Sunset Rubdown is home safe in the round up's top ten. The main difference in the two bands is that Sunset Rubdown is more of a kind of art-rock almost prog-ish band. Both in melodies and lyrically.

Don't be alarmed by songs about dragonslayers and other elements that would be out of place in most of today's indierock bands. Both music and lyrics are inspired to a certain degree of fantasy as a genre. The music definitely has elements of progressive rock. Not that it is what we now call prog-rock and frown upon, but in the true sense of the term. Songs that changes tempo and are made up of several different parts.

Songs like "Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh" and "Dragon's Lair" goes through different styles and they tell a whole story. Still they both builds up to big fantastic climaxes that you just have to love.

Sunset Rubdown may just have started as a sideproject for Spencer Krug but has slowly but certainly grown into a band of its own. I still like Wolf Parade a little bit better but if this bunch comes up with songs like "Idiot Heart" and albums like this it may change the whole thing.


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