2009: The Round Up

#10. Vetiver - Tight Knit
(Sub Pop, 2009)

Andy Cabic's Vetiver has been one of my favourite bands for some years now and this album may very well be their best. Following the cratediggers paradise covers record Thing of the Past, Tight Knit is the strongest collection of songs this bunch has come up with to this date. It could be that this is the first Vetiver release were Vetiver really has been a band. Maybe they just are a bit tighter knit together this time.

Tight Knit is a kind of early evening or early morning for me. You can put it on and just sit around doing nothing. The album has a reflectionistic, (is that even a word), feel to it. I sort of picture my self sitting on a front porch somewhere listening to songs like "Rolling Sea" and "Through The Front Door" just watching either the sunrise or the sunset. Just letting life be life and taking a break from it all.

Vetiver has always had this kind of laid back approach to music and it sooths me just fine. The music are laid back with rays of the sun just shining through every strum on the acoustic guitars. On "Down From Above" you hear that Andy Cabic and Devendra Banhart never stray that far from each other in the way they make this soundscape songs. The kind of songs that you just have to really listen to or they will just disappear.

A big favourite of mine on this record is the dangerously catchy "More of This" with it's "Motown/Lust For Life" rhythm and feel good melody. A song that should have been a big indiehit. My feel good hit of the summer at least.

"Another Reason To Go" is also a somewhat surprise on this album, a funky little ditty with both clavinets and a horn section. I was a bit skeptical to it at first but it has really grown on me.

"Strictly Rule" is another great song, with The Fruit Bats' Eric Johnson guesting on keyboards.