Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name..

The Avett Brothers - Live at Garage, Oslo, Norway.
March 27th 2010.

I can't remember the last time I was as psyched before a gig than I were before this one. When you are that psyched you more than often go home a bit dissapointed. This time I went home even more psyched than before the gig. I was totally blown away by the energy and intensity in the Avett Brothers performance. Easily the best gig of the year so far. Probably the best gig I've been to the last years also.

The band took the stage with a fantastic level of energy and from there on the energy level never faltered. They even took it up several notches during the gig. The venue, Garage has a capacity of about 300, and is a farely small venue. Low ceiling and the audience is within reach of the artists.

The Avett Brothers delievered a great concert full of highlights. Set opener "Laundry Room" were hauntingly beautiful. Two of my favourites "Shame" and "And it Spread" also deserves mention. The punky bluegrass take of "I Killed Sally's Lover" which closed the set showed off the fantastic intensity.

Even with all those highlights, the one song that really made this gig perfect for me was the harrowing "Murder in the City". A song I actually hadn't heard before, and still it had me standing there shivering with tears down my cheeks. Well done Scott and Seth Avett. Thanks for being you, and thanks for what is probably going to be the best concert I'll see this year.

"If I get murdered in the city
Don't go revenging in my name
One person dead from such is plenty
No need to go get locked away
When I leave your arms
The things I think of
No need to get over alarmed
I'm coming home

I wonder which brother is better
Which one our parents loved the most
I sure did get in lots of trouble
They seemed to let the other go
A tear fell from my father's eye
I wondered what my dad would say
He said, I love you and I'm proud of you both,
In so many different ways

If I get murdered in the city
Go read the letter in my desk
Don't bother with all my belongings
Pay attention to the list
Make sure my sister knows I love her
Make sure my mother knows the same
Always remember there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name
Always remember there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name"


Anonymous said…
Thanks for writing about the brothers first show in Norway! Please join their boards @ as there is always cool information showing up about them and topics to discuss!
Anonymous said…
I just discovered The Avett Brothers in the summer of 2008. The first time I saw them live, I had never heard of Murder In the City, either. I stood there with my mouth agape and tears running down my cheeks when I heard it. Another song that made an impression that first concert, was Laundry Room. I set out to find which album these songs were on. I had to have it! Little did I realize that neither of the songs had been released at the time.
Thanks for your review and I am happy for you that their music is spreading and that you had a chance to experience a live show!
Dave said…
well written! you've experienced what many of us have been lucky enough to witness before and what untold numbers will see in the near future. and it spread...
Li:ne said…
And let it keep spreading.