They're always having a good time down on the bayou

The Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man
from the Capricorn single (CPR 0027) b/w Pony Boy (1973)
The Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky
from the Capricorn single (CPR 007) b/w Melissa (1972)
The Allman Brothers Band -Jessica (Edited version)
from the Capricorn single (CPR 0036) b/w Come and Go Blues (1973)

Three of my favourite ever songs from The Allman Brothers Band that I just found on 7" vinyls at one of my local used record stores. All three a-sides are written by Richard "Dickey" Betts and are probably the biggest hits the Allman Brothers Band ever had.

All three songs are perfect car songs, by that I mean that they are perfect for driving around and listening to on a sunny summer day. When I hear this song I wish I was going down the Highway 1 in California or maybe going down from Nashville to New Orleans or maybe down in Florida where the Allman's came from.

The singles are taken from the albums, Eat a Peach (1972) and Brothers & Sisters (1973). Both albums recorded or at least finished in the wake of the passing of slide guitarist and brother, Duane Allman. Although the band had some success with their first albums it was sadly after his passing that they had this hits. The best thing about this singles is that they are the perfect reminder that The Allman Brothers Band always were more than just another jamband that could go on for over thirty minutes at a time, they could also play short catchy song that were perfect for radio programming. And I guess, you probably can't put on a Classic Rock radio without hearing these songs nowadays.

Fantastic songs by great musicians, and a reminder of Richard Betts' great songwriting.