God damn, Amanda. God damn it all..

Phosphorescent - Mermaid Parade
from the album Here's To Taking It Easy (Dead Oceans, 2010)

Just saw this over at the When You Awake blog and it was so good that I just had to post it myself. One of this years very best songs from one of the years very best albums. The way you can hear the heartache and hurt in Matthew Houck's voice when he sings this song. It's stunning and heartbreaking.

As a little footnote I want to tell you a little story about when my girlfriend and me saw Phosphorescent live a couple of years back on a small bar (it was actually more like someones living room). It was a solo gig and none of us was very familiar with the songs. We went more or less on a whim. The fun part was after the gig when we just looked at each other with the exact same stunned look - and I said, "wasn't that just the best gig ever?" I thought that she felt the same so I was a little surprised when she said that she thought it was a bit boring. Both with the same facial expression. We have laughed a lot about that later.

BTW, my girlfriend has warmed up to Phosphorescent a bit now.


gressenka said…
god damn it, Stian. You need to start blogging again!