Albums of the year 2010.

# 13. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - s/t
(How Is Annie Records, 2010)

Norway's best post-rock/old-school emo band? Of course they are. They are in fact one of the best bands in Norway in any genre. On their own site they tell you that you can call them a dreamy Band of Horses or a noisy Death Cab For Cutie. Both are true, but they are more in kin to a band like Explosions in the Sky in my opinion. Comparisons aside, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson don't really sound like anyone else.

A perfect combination of dreamy soundscapes, classic emo-guitars, intricate drum-patterns and vocals that range from mumbling to screams.

Youth Pictures.. triggers a lot of nostalgia for me, I can't really explain why but there is something timeless but still retrospective about their music. I sometimes explain some of their guitar sounds as the sound of stars blinking in the sky. Somebody get it, while others just stare at me like a just said the most stupid thing ever.

This is the band's second album, it's self titled but the double album are in two parts called The Puzzle and The Detective. The two parts of the album has four songs each - I don't really know if there are any story all the way through but the album flows really well.

The album art is also really something else as the album is a 32-page art-book in the A5 format. The Bergen based artists Hans Hansen and Hanne Grieg Hermansen has done a brilliant job.

A truly outstanding album. Produced by Sjur Lyseid (Monzano, The Little Hands of Asphalt).

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - He Can't Be Dead, I Got His Autograph Last Week