Albums of the year 2010

# 7. Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now
(Warner Bros., August 31st 2010)

Jenny and Johnny are the two lovebirds, Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice. Both with two solo-albums in their bags before this collaboration. Still, Jenny Lewis being the vocalist and main songwriter in Rilo Kiley, she's definitly the best known of the two. That being said, this album in many ways have more in common with Johnathan Rice's own albums. A mix between his albums and Rilo Kiley's Under the Blacklight.

This is a pop-album with hints of americana but never more than a hint. A classic her and him album as the two artists trades lines and verses between them. More than anything the album really lives up to it's title - you can hear that this is music made by somebody having fun. This isn't music to fill up a record deal or anything like that, it's music that just had to be made. Often the best music are being made by people going through hard times so it's really great to hear such a joyous album. Not that everything on this LP is all joyous - you still get your more melancholy moments.

It's clear for me that Jenny Lewis is one of the best pop-songwriters in modern music, she has a great touch for the timeless qualities and really great hooks. Her songs almost reminds me of the classic records and songs Tom Petty has made over the years. And her beau Johnathan Rice isn't far behind either. Especially not since every song on this album are credited to them both.

My absolute favourite song on the album are the near perfect song "Animal" which the young mr. Rice beautifully sings with great harmonies by Lewis. Other great songs are "Big Wave" and "Just Like Zeus" though essentially every song on the album are great.

I love this album, it's great from the get go - and it only becomes better with each listen. To quote Jenny and Johnny, I'm having fun now.

Jenny & Johnny - Just Like Zeus