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The Skeleton Dead - A Nautical Theme

Every now and then you get so lucky that you can follow a band or an artist just from the very begining of their career. I feel like I'm having one of those moments when I hear the first tunes that London-based duo The Skeleton Dead has made. Knol and Claire only started writing material together in the summer of 2010, so far they have made available for the public only four songs - all four really strong and good songs.

My favourite so far has been the song "A Nautical Theme" which is in my beloved 3/4 time signature. A song that almost gives you the feeling of being out at sea in a small boat all alone and it's dark around you. It's a dark piece of music and my thoughts goes to artists like Bill Callahan, Leonard Cohen and Alasdair Roberts. Deeply rooted in folk music and in a way very british.

I believe that The Skeleton Dead is a name we will be seing a lot in the future. The few songs that I have heard so far is very promising and very good. A great discovery and a great way to start the new year here on Heartworn Highways.

A Nautical Theme by The Skeleton Dead

You can listen to The Skeleton Dead's other songs at Soundcloud.


tone almhjell said…
Love the shiny and new.