The bow wind brought more than tears to my eyes..

Christian Kjellvander - Transatlantic
from the album The Rough and Rynge (Startracks, November 10th 2010)

Christian Kjellvander has been a favourite of mine since I first heard him on a compilation album called Cowboys in Scandinavia (Fargo, 2006). At that time Kjellvander already had released a string of albums with his band Loosegoats, one with his brother as Songs of Soil and two great solo-albums. Well, I hadn't heard any of those albums then - now they are some of my all time favourite albums. Especially the one album with Songs of Soil and the solodebut, Songs From a Two Room Chapel.

Kjellvander was born in Sweden, but grew up in Seattle. That has given him this great american accent in his singing which really suits his folk/country/americana sound.

Photo © Erik Undéhn

Today for some reason I just thought I should put on Kjellvander's latest record The Rough and Rynge, which was released late last year. Since I am what I would call a fan of his music I bought the record upon its release. I listened to it once or twice then, but it didn't really do anything for me then. So when I put it on today I really was surprised the way the album suddenly hit me. It kind of opened itself and I saw its greatness. The story behind the album is also quite interresting, being that Kjellvander was weary from touring. He was planning to go off into the country with his dogs and just live in a tent for a while - well, he didn't - but he bought a little house in the country and started to build a studio in an old barn. There the songs on The Rough and Rynge were written, and then recorded live in the barn with his band, which includes his wife Karla-Therese Kjellvander (herself a recording artist with a great release out earlier this year).

The song "Transatlantic" for me kind of sums up this album. It describes both the pleasures and the pains about being on the road and it sounds like a classic Kjellvander track.

"I never wanted it to end
this m/s can roll and is built by steal that bends
under a million star sky
the bow wind brought more than tears to my eyes

and we all have ways of dealing with this pace
now the nights are simply transports for the days"

I'm transatlantic

Christian Kjellvander - Tranatlantic.