Happy birthday Bobby D.

In honour of his Bobness 70th birthday I thought I should post something here, if everything goes as planned I will get the time to post more Dylan related posts this week. Since today is his birthday, let Bob-week begin.

I'm starting of by recycling a post I did in September last year:

Bob Dylan - Can't Leave Her Behind
(unreleased, 1966)

Stephen Malkmus & Lee Ranaldo - Can't Leave Her Behind
from the album I'm Not There (Columbia Original Soundtracks, 2007)

A great song this, don't even ask me how many times I've seen the youtube-clip from Eat the Document (1966) the last couple of weeks. The song has actually never been recorded or released by Dylan. Nevertheless Stephen Malkmus and Lee Ranaldo, with some help from Nels Cline, dug it up for the soundtrack to Todd Haynes Dylan biopic I'm Not There. They do the song more than justice and that's the version I first fell for. The Dylan version from Eat the Document is recorded in a hotelroom in Glasgow with Dylan singing the song to Robbie Robertson. Dylan sings it in the sort of crooner voice that he unleashed for the Nashville Skyline album in 1969. Maybe crooner is the wrong word, his voice sounds relaxed and both the delivery and the lyrics feel heartfelt.