2011 - A year in review.

# 15. Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation
(Fat Possum, September 27th 2011)

Youth Lagoon is the brainchild of twenty two year old Trevor Powers (yeah, that's his real name) from Boise, Idaho. Powers claims that he wrote the album to say all the things he finds it hard to talk to people about. 

"For my whole life I've dealt with extreme anxiety." says Powers. "Not anxiety about passing a test or somewhat normal things, but weird.. bizarre things. Things that only I know. I sometimes feel like I'm literally being eaten up inside. So I started writing these songs. Not just songs about my anxiety, but about my past and my present. Songs about memories, and all those feelings that those bring. I know that if I can be honest about what is inside my mind, there will be others that will be able to relate to it."

I, for one can relate, though the first thing that grips you with this album is the dreamlike melodies and mood the music sets. The vocals are somewhat burried in the mix and reveal themselves to you with each repeated listen. There's a melancholy and almost nostalgic feel about the album, kind of the same feeling that Days by Real Estate has (another great album of the year who almost made the countdown). 

The Year of Hibernation is an album that slowly but surely drags you in until you almost becomes a part of the music.

Youth Lagoon - Montana (official video)