2011 - A year in review.

# 13. The Parson Red Heads - Yearling
(Timber Carnival Records/Parson Farm Records, August 16th 2011)

 When Los Angeles based The Parson Red Heads was going to record their second LP, Yearling, they started up recording with friends and familiar surroundings in Los Angeles, but ultimately decided to go a little less familiar route. They ended up in North Carolina with legends Mitch Easter and Chris Stamney. A perfect match for their sound in my opinion.

Even though the album were recorded in North Carolina it has the sound of California all over it. I hear the ghosts of The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Big Star and a whole lot of the early 2000s L.A. scene with Beachwood Sparks leading the pack. It seems like there is some kind of revival for this type of music happening in Los Angeles these days, and nothing makes me more happy. I still dream about living in the canyons and I couldn't asked for a better soundtrack than Yearling from The Parson Red Heads.

Listening again to the album now, I even think it perhaps should have been even higher on this countdown. A really strong album filled with classic country-rock/west-coast songs. Without a doubt an album that will have lasting relationship with me.

The band feel an kinship with other bands like Blitzen Trapper,  Dawes, Fleet Foxes and The Fruit Bats and I totally agree - that's kind of a list of my dream festival at the moment. Members of Wilco and R.E.M. often attend their shows and Peter Buck has even joined them onstage for Tom Petty coversongs.

Watch out for this band!

The Parson Red Heads - Seven Years Ago (official video)