2011 - A year in review.

# 6. Old Californio - Sundrunk Angels
(Californio Records, July 19th 2011)

Sundrunk Angels is the third release by the Californian band Old Californio. Probably unknown for most, and for me as well before this album. A fellow blogger on When You Awake gave me a tip and I have been in awe of this band ever since. There still are some gold in them California hills and songwriter Rich Dembowski certainly has found some.

Think Moby Grape around 1969, American Beauty-era Grateful Dead, some vintage Neil Young and a healthy dose of Dillard & Clark and you get an idea of what Old Californio sound like. The songs are outstanding and the band does rocking tunes just as good as the ballads. This is classic west coast country rock.

One of my favourites on the album "Come Tomorrow" also reminds me of some other favourites of mine that also comes from Los Angeles, the outstanding Beachwood Sparks. It's the perfect blend of classic country rock and psychedelia.

It's hard to pick favourites on the album though, all the songs are killer. Along with "Come Tomorrow" I would certainly pick "Just a Matter of Time", "Allon Camerado" and "Sundrunk Angels", but do yourself a favour - buy the album and listen again and again.

The best new discovery of the year.

Old Californio - Better Yet (official video)