2011 - A year in review.

# 5. Wilco - The Whole Love
(dBpm, September 27th 2011)

The Whole Love is Wilco's eight album, and the third with the current line-up of the band. A line-up I for one think are the best rendition of the group. This album is a natural follow up to the mellow Sky Blue Sky and the more catchy Wilco (the album). That said, The Whole Love is somewhat a return to some of the more experimental nature of the band. Especially album opener, and contender for best song of 2011, "Art of Almost" are very un-Wilco-esque but at the same time the very essence of the band. It starts of with some noise and a mechanic groove reminescent of Radiohead before it changes near the middle of the song and builds into this epic groovy guitar jam.

For the most part, The Whole Love, is a quite mellow affair driven forward by truly amazing basslines by John Stirratt and great production details and layers of sombre guitar melodies. In my mind the album is probably the best produced album of the year, it sounds so good.

The Whole Love is filled with brilliant songs that doesn't jump out at you but rather slowly gets under your skin instead. The first couple of times you listen to the album you'll probably just remember "Art of Almost", "I Might" and the epic album closer "One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)", but it's all these mellow songs in between that makes the album great. Let them grow and become the classic pop melodies that they are.

Wilco - Born Alone (official video)