2011 - A year in review.

# 2. Dawes - Nothing Is Wrong
(ATO, June 7th 2011)

At number two we have the Los Anglians Dawes. Led by Taylor Goldsmith (who also is a member of the band Middle Brother) the Dawes released their second album Nothing Is Wrong last summer. Mr. Jonathan Wilson also appears here as a producer and guest musician on a few songs. Dawes is a part of the same scene in L.A. that are inspired by the "classic Laurel Canyon"-sound. For me, Taylor Goldsmith is my generations answer to a songwriter like Jackson Browne. Browne himself lends his voice to one of the album's standout tracks - "Fire Away".

The band also has toured as Jackson Browne's backing band along with Jonathan Wilson. A bill I would have payed a lot to see - so I hope they'll do it again sometime.

Nothing Is Wrong is filled with great folk/americana songs in the early seventies "confessional songwriting"-style that the beforementioned Jackson Browne and James Taylor were the masters of. It is a really strong album with this kind of nostalgic and melancholy feeling that makes you both sad and comforted at the same time.