Mixtape: Heartworn Highways #1

(c) Mai- Linn Finstad

This is the Heartworn Highways #1 mixtape, hopefully I'll manage to make this a weekly or at least a monthly feature. No big theme on the idea, other than to bring some great tunes to an audience. That said, this mix has a mellow longing for the summer-feel all over it.

Listen to it on Spotify: Heartworn Highways #1.

1. Cowboy - Hey There Baby (5'll Getcha Ten, Capricorn Records, 1971)
2. Haakon Ellingsen - Mohama (Bounty, Perfect Pop, 2005)
3. The Beach Boys - California Saga pt. 1: Big Sur (Holland, Reprise/Brother Records, 1972)
4. Jesse Ed Davis - Golden Sun Goddess (Jesse Davis, Atco, 1970)
5. Gene Clark - The Virgin (White Light, A&M Records, 1971)
6. Beck - Country Down (Morning Phase, Capitol Records, 2014)
7. Mercury Rev - Goddess on a Hiway (Desserter's Songs, V2, 1998)
8. Shack - Al's Vacation (single, Ghetto Recording Company, 1991)
9. Steve Gunn - Water Wheel (Time Off, Paradise of Bachelors, 2013)
10. Magic Trick - The Store (River of Souls, Empty Cellar Records, 2013)
11. Pink Floyd - Green is the Colour (Soundtrack from the film "More", Columbia, 1969)
12. Neil Young - Through My Sails (Zuma, Reprise Records, 1975)