December 3rd: 1965 - The Battle of Britain


Seen in hindsight it could look like December 3rd 1965 was a battle of Britain of some sorts. On that very day The Beatles released the album Rubber Soul while The Who released their debut My Generation. It probably wasn't a battle at that time, The Beatles already being the biggest band in the world - but as I said, in hindsight both those albums can be said to have had quite an impact on music history.

For my self I would probably pick Rubber Soul as my favourite, but then again My Generation is a pretty bad ass record.

Anyway, two brilliant albums released on the same day, this very day - back in 1965.

I've picked two favourite tunes for you to enjoy. First of we start with George Harrison's tune 'Think For Yourself'. How about that rather awesome Rickenbacker fuzz-bass from McCartney on that one?

And then, one of my all time favourite songs. A song that started the whole power-pop genre? Yes, I'm talking about 'The Kids Are Alright' from the mighty Who! (Also some Rickenbacker-action on this as well..)