GospelbeacH | Strange Days

Photo: Casey Lombardo

Strange Days is the second single from GospelbeacH's forthcoming new album, Another Summer of Love. The album is out on Alive Naturalsound Records in the start of June. GospelbeacH is coming over to our side of the pond later this summer and they are playing Cafe Mono here in Oslo on August 29th. That's going to be one for the ages. Really looking forward to finally seeing one of my biggest musical heroes, Brent Rademaker, for the first time.

Until then, cool down with this brilliant piece of music. Strange Days is one of the best songs released so far this year. The song is written by Brent Rademaker and Trevor Beld Jimenez from the band Tall Tales and the Silver Lining. (Awesome band). Check out the equally great first single You're Already Home while you're at it.