Sunday, June 21, 2009

Song of the day

The Left Banke - Walk Away Renèe
from the album Walk Away Renèe/Pretty Ballerina (Smash, 1967)

A perfect popsong to end the weekend. I got this album from the Left Banke a couple of months ago after getting a tip from a friend that I probably would like it. Well, I love it. It's one of the very best "baroque-pop"-albums I've ever heard. In my ears this ranks higher than Odessey & Oracle by the Zombies and Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles. Every tune on the album is a little gem. "Walk Away Renèe" is just the icing on the cake.

Highly recomended.

Listen below, sorry about the poor soundquality.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PCH One might send a mending kiss..

Pernice Brothers - PCH One
from the album Live a Little (Ashmont, 2006)

It's quite funny to think that this time last year I was in golden California, Sonoma to be specific. In that year so much has happened, some things good and others that make me long back to the trip we took last summer. Moments of perfect happiness before our lives were turned upside down for a while. So this song and these pictures brings me back to the fantastic mellow, sunny, perfect and soothing California. Don't you worry, I'll be coming back.

Looking up and smelling the eucalyptus, not much can beat that feeling.

Or maybe the indescribably beautiful house we stayed at in Sonoma, thank you Thomas. Also driving in his vintage cars.

Last, but not least. I wish I had bought more bottles of this great wine. Sebastiani Sonoma Zinfandel 2006. I would love to have a bottle or two of this.

And of course, the music.

Couldn't find an embedable version of the song, but click this link and it will play.
Pernice Brothers - PCH One

Monday, June 1, 2009

A hundred thousand islands flung like some jewels upon the sea

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - The Lee Shore
from the album 4-Way Street (Atlantic, 1971)

One of the best David Crosby songs out there. Never got put on any of the studioalbums by the bunch, there is a studioversion on the Carry On boxset. The version from the CSNY live album 4-Way Street was the first official release of the song. It has later been included on several other livealbums. Crosby and Nash's Live from 1977, the same duo's Another Stoney Evening from 1998, the CSN boxset Carry On in 1991 and on the David Crosby retrospective boxset Voyage from 2006. It's a fantastic song that shows off the vocal harmonies between Graham Nash and David Crosby. The lyrics makes me want to join the two of them on the open sea in the Mayan. A perfect little sea song that you just dream yourself away in. Let the sun in.

"From here to Venezuela
There's nothing more to see
Than a hundred thousand islands
flung like some jewels upon the sea
For you and me"

Crosby & Nash - The Lee Shore (live at BBC, September 11, 1970)
(This may very well be the best version of the song ever. The song starts about 1:20 into the clip. Some stoney banter first. The pair probably were high as kites, but listen to the harmonies. Mesmerising.)