Zooey Deschanel is Linda Ronstadt revived?

She & Him - Change is Hard (Merge, 2008)
Live from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

She & Him, also known as Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, are really growing on me. When I saw this clip from an appearance at the Late Late Show it dawned on me. Not only is ms. Deschanel looking alot like ms. Ronstadt did in the early seventies, she is even sounding a little bit like her. So I guess I'll be listening more to the lovely debut Volume I by She & Him in the weeks to come. Not only because of the Ronstadt thing of course, but when a thing hits you - well, it does.


Anonymous said…
Spot on observation. No one will ever equal Linda's pipes, but Zooey has that sweet High Lonesome thing down. Linda was hands down the sexiest woman in rock in the 70's- there's not a better model out there for Zooey to have studied. Zooey is the heiress apparent. Love them both.
David Roan said…
Just watched this clip from the show, and as I listened to her sing, I thought, Wow, that voice sounds just like Linda Ronstadt. She looks like her too! One google search later and I am here!