2009: The round up.

#15. Devendra Banhart - What Will We Be
(Warner Bros., 2009)

What Will We Be may not have the same peaks as previous albums by the original freakfolker Devendra Banhart, but it is his most straightforward and best flowing album to date. He isn't following his every whim and thought here. It seems like he has carefully organized the album to have a great flow from start to finnish.

Recorded in a smalltown in Northern California (a coastal town which likes it's privacy) the album has a laid back feeling. A feeling I would love to have 24/7 - 365. You rent a house with your friends, sleep in, get up and record some music. Sounds great doesn't it? Devendra's friends on this album are mostly the same as on the last album. The core band is Noah Georgeson, Greg Rogove, Luckey Remington and Rodrigo Amarante. With guest appearances by Vetiver's Andy Cabic. As all of Banhart's albums it has a retrofeel to it, the production is rooted in the early seventies musicscene.

Standout songs are the playful "Baby" and the heavy "Rats" as well as the hauntingly beautiful "Goin' Back". Maybe not as good as the last album, but more focused this time around.