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The Fruit Bats - Never Tear Us Apart
originally released by INXS on the album Kick (Atlantic, 1987)

Just stumbled over this on You Tube. This always was my favourite INXS song, perhaps even the only one I really liked. You should keep in mind that INXS is a band that I have never really checked out, just heard the random song on radio from time to time. Still, I always loved this song, and actually kind of was a bit ashamed of it, that probably was in my younger days when I thought that appearance really mattered and that you lost credibility if you listened to the wrong things. Now I simply don't care about those things and just think that great music is great music regardless of who and what might be playing it.

But I have to admit that I liked, no I actually loved the Fruit Bats rendition of this song. Better than the original I might add.

See for yourselves. You can check out the original underneath the video.


jimbo said…
I thought you were crazy to proclaim that any cover of "Never Tear Us Apart" could exceed INXS' own version, well I owe you an apology. If it isn't better than the original, this version certainly shares the podium. I'd give the edge to Michael Hutchence for vocals, but the addition of the pedal steel is huge - great stuff. Still and all, INXS is definitely worth a greatest hits purchase - "Need You Tonight" is one of the best songs from the 80s, IMO.

Thanks for sharing!