Albums of the year 2010

# 15. Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs - God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise (RCA, August 17th 2010)

Mr. LaMontagne's fourth album is in my opinion his best. This being the first he has released where a band has been credited. Still there's not a huge difference in the sound from his previous albums. Ray LaMontagne's story is a classic one, he has built himself a following by just playing his songs and releasing a string of beautiful albums.

He has in interviews stated that he is largely influenced by Stephen Stills, Richard Manuel and Rick Danko - this is some truly great influences and you can clearly hear them in his music. Still I would say that Van Morrison is the artist that first comes to mind when I listen to Ray LaMontagne.

God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise is a great collection of songs and it has this classic rural Woodstock-sound. The fantastic pedal-steel playing of Greg Leisz is all over it and it also somewhat reminds me of the collaboration between Allison Krauss and Robert Plant. A really great sounding album - one of the best produced this year I would say. My favourite song are "New York City's Killing Me".

Ray LaMontagne - Beg, Steal of Borrow


Andreas said…
Hvorfor Kenneth Flatnes på bildet?
Stian said…
Haha, syntes egentlig at det bare var passende.