Albums of the year 2010

# 14. Neil Young - Le Noise
(Reprise, September 28th 2010)

Good ol' Neil Young has found himself a new playmate. Producer Daniel Lanois, hence the pun in the title, has given Young back some of his sonic playfulness. This is a real Neil Young solo-album, every sound you hear are made by Young's voice or guitars.

Still you could almost call it a collaboration, since producer Lanois is the mastermind behind the sound on the album. A great production with lots of details to pick up on when listening. There is a lot more going on than it first seems like here. Guitars har panning from speaker to speaker, some strings can be heard in the right channel while others appear in the left channel. Mr. Young and Mr. Lanois has crafted an album that really can't be reproduced the same way live.

I'm a huge Neil Young fan and I almost always find somethings I like whenever he releases stuff, but this is a real classic Neil Young-album. It reminds me of the feeling in the soundtrack for the film Dead Man, but these are real songs - not just soundscapes. Probably his best since, well perhaps, Sleeps With Angels. Rough songs that work really great in the solo-format. Some places I can almost hear Crazy Horse in the background but I don't actually miss the rhythm section anywhere. There's more than enough going on to keep the ears occupied.

Standout tracks for me are "Love and War", "Angry World" and the epic "Peaceful Valley Boulevard".

Neil Young - Angry World