Albums of the year 2010

# 10. The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
(SideOneDummy, June 15th 2010)

The last effort from The Gaslight Anthem, The '59 Sound, were in the top three of my countdown of 2008. American Slang isn't all the way up there but it's still a really good album. I remember feeling a bit dissapointed when I first heard this album, that feeling has luckily passed and now this seems like one of those albums that just have been around for a long long time.

Some of the songs don't really come into their own before you have heard them live - which I have two times this year. When I revisited the album for this countdown I suddenly realised that I could sing a long to almost every lyric - I must have been listening to this album more than I thought I had done.

A natural progression from The '59 Sound, this album has a lot of the same qualities yet the sound is someplaces more epic and other places more mellow. It seems like the band really has found their voice. Still lots of hints to bands and artists like Springsteen, Petty and sixties Stax and Motown soul - but never so much that you lose the Gaslight Anthem-sound.

Key tracks for me are "Bring it On", "The Diamond Church Street Choir" and "Boxer". "The Diamond Church Street Choir" gives me a feeling of listening to some early Van Morrison or maybe a litte Otis Redding. Great stuff.

The Gaslight Anthem - The Diamond Church Street Choir