2011 - A year in review.

# 12. Vetiver - The Errant Charm
(Sub Pop, June 14th 2011)

Vetiver has been one of my absolute favourite bands the last few years since I first heard them on their second album, To Find Me Gone (2006). A lot have happened since then, even though some key elements to the band's sound are intact. Whereas they earlier were more folk than pop they are now probably more pop than folk - a change that started with the outstanding cover-album Thing of the Past (2008).

Everything about The Errant Charm has that great feel of spring and summer about it, it's kind of hazy and sunshine-y all the way through. A laid back good feeling. You don't have to rush about anywhere, you have all the time in the world. It's quite simply the sound of San Francisco. I've only been there once, but this album would have been the perfect soundtrack to walks around the city in the hazy sunshine.

The opening track "It's Beyond Me" sets the mood, but the real standout tracks are "Hard to Break" and the gem "Wonder Why". Both with delicious jangly guitars and the latter being one of the best songs all year. Both songs also has a quite clear Tusk and Mirage-era Fleetwood Mac feel.

With this album Vetiver puts themselves in the same category as bands like Mojave 3 and The Pernice Brothers. The latter is maybe not so strange since producer Thom Monahan were a member of that band.

Vetiver - Wonder Why (official video)