December 16th: Unplugged.

21 years ago today, the probably most famous MTV Unplugged, aired for the first time. December 16th 1993 was the airdate for the Nirvana MTV Unplugged concert. One concert that was a very special one. Not only for the events that happened early the next year, but also because of the concert itself. We saw another side of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain on that day. The songs they played certainly wasn't a greatest hit set - but if you ask anyone now - it kind of is. They even brought along the Kirkwood-brothers of The Meat Puppets. A band that was for most of the audience completely unknown. But that was the kind of band that Nirvana was. A small band that hit the big time, but never forgot about were they came from. Here they were, on MTV, playing covers of The Vaselines and Leadbelly. It was achingly beautiful. I probably didn't see it on that day, but the VHS-tape I had of if later probably still is the video I have played the most. Just ask my mom.