December 4th: Happy birthday mr. Hillman

The man, the legend, that is Chris Hillman was born on this day 70 years ago. That's just something that can't pass by without some celebration. Hillman was one of the most central figures in the creation of the whole "country-rock" genre in the late sixties/early seventies with his participation in legendary bands such as The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Hillman had a background from the country/bluegrass-scene in Los Angeles in the early sixties and he never departed from his love of country music, as everyone can hear in all those classic The Byrds albums. Later he left The Byrds to form The Flying Burrito Brothers with among others the late great Gram Parsons. After that again he teamed up with Stephen Stills Manassas-gang. As if that wasn't enough to make a legend, Hillman joined two other amazing songwriters, J.D. Souther and Richie Furay in the shortlived but very good Souther-Hillman-Furay Band. After all these supergroups Hillman started a solocareer with some really good albums before teaming up with Herb Pedersen in The Desert Rose Band.

What a brilliant career this have been, and still is, one of my best friends had the pleasure of sharing a stage with The Desert Rose Band and mr. Hillman this past summer and he was as great as ever.

So, this is my tribute to one of the really great ones out there.

Happy birthday, Chris Hillman!

A celebratory playlist:

1. The Desert Rose Band - One Step Forward
2. Chris Hillman - Witching Hour
3. The Flying Burrito Brothers - Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)
4. The Byrds - Time Between
5. The Hillmen - Fair and Tender Ladies
6. Manassas - It Doesn't Matter
7. The Flying Burrito Brothers - Wheels
8. The Byrds - Have You Seen Her Face
9. Chris Hillman - Fallen Favorite
10. The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band - Heavenly Fire
11. The Flying Burrito Brothers - Older Guys

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